Don't Let Your Dumpster Pad Start to Stink

Count on us for monthly commercial dumpster and dumpster pad cleaning services in Montgomery, Pike Road & Coosada, AL

When you throw out trash in your dumpster, some of it is likely to leak. Over time, your dumpster pad will be coated in a smelly layer of grease, food waste and dirt. If your dumpster pad is discolored and rank, hire the pros at Brown Pressure Washing Service, LLC in Coosada, Pike Road & Prattville, AL. During your commercial dumpster cleaning appointment, we'll use hot water and high pressure to remove stains and grease.

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Check out the benefits of getting regular dumpster pad cleaning services

There are many benefits of hiring our commercial dumpster cleaning crew. For example, keeping your pad clean will make it easier for your staff to access the dumpster throughout the day. By keeping your dumpster pad clean, you can also:

  • Eliminate foul odors that are lingering around your dumpster
  • Prevent pests from using your dumpster as an all-they-can-eat buffet
  • Remove debris and slick spots to make the pad safer for your employees
To start taking advantage of these benefits, schedule dumpster pad cleaning services today.